Volume 60 No 2  Cover Story

The semi-jailing technique (SJT) provides stent-assisted remodeling of the aneurysm neck during coil embolization without grasping the coil delivery microcatheter. The illustraion showed the SJT using a Neuroform3 stent. After selection of the aneurysm with microcatheter with partially deployed coil, the stent is then delivered over the aneurysm portion. After the stent is partially deployed to cover the part of aneurysm neck, homogeneous coil framing is achieved without coil protrusion by the limitation of the partially-deployed stent. The stent is fully deployed after achieving the dense coil packing. In the event that the coil packing density is unsatisfactory, coiling can continue using the jailed microcatheter. Angiograms during procedure using SJT and after completely occluded aneurysms are presented below. In this article, authors concluded that SJT assisted coiling is a feasible option for reconstruction of wide-necked aneurysms.